8 Favorite Sorbet Man picks by Dads for Dads!

8 Favorite Sorbet Man picks by Dads for Dads!

We asked 8 fathers to choose their favorite Sorbet Man treatments and products – here’s what they had to say! (June 19th is fast approaching so Get your Dad a Sorbet Man gift card in-store or online now!)


1. A Hot Towel Shave

I had never had one before and I cannot believe what I’ve been missing out on all these years. My face feels alive and refreshed. It was super relaxing too” Cliff, Father of Chloe and Rebecca.


2. Dad and Dude Combo

“The best present for me is to spend time with my son, Jack, and that’s why this is the perfect gift. A full hour of quality time together with a great haircut, an espresso and some father son memories” Fred, father to Jack


3. The Dermalogica shave kit

“I love my shaving ritual and I’m always on the look out for the best shaving products out there. The Dermalogica shave kit is one of my favorites. It has all the essentials in it and my skin feels soft and fresh” Alfredo, father to Nuno and Alexandra

1074. The Sorbet Hydrating Day Cream

“I had never been a great supporter of skin care Products-I’m that typical soap and water kind of guy! But after being introduced to Sorbet’s Hydrating skin range I have never looked back! I especially like the hydrating day cream which gives my skin the moisture it has lacked for all these years!” Paul, Father to David and Danielle

Skin Care5. The BlueBeards Revenge shave products

The BlueBeards Revenge shave products are simple to use and affordable. “I got hooked after treating myself to a BlueBeards Hot Towel and Shave and I have been using their shaving products ever since. The Hot Towel and Shave takes 30 minutes and being a busy stay at home dad this is a huge plus! Beard be gone!” Bryan, Father to Courtney and Christopher


6.  MoroccanOil Hair Care Products

“The MoroccanOil range of hair care products has introduced me to hair treatments I never knew existed! I used to have really dull looking hair but after using MaroccanOil its given my hair that extra oomph and not forgetting a boost in confidence!” Gavin, father to Amy and Evan


7. A Gladiator’s Gala Combo

“The Gladiator’s Gala shave and hair cut is the one treatment I always recommend! Now that I have a Sorbet Man close to home I enjoy my bi monthly groom which makes me feel a little less rugged and a little more human again! R335 gets you a hot towel shave and haircut” – best bargain of the month! Alon, Father to Maya



8. The Proraso authentic Italian shave

“Being a proudly Italian father of 2 the Proraso Authentic Italian Shave makes me feel like I am back in Italy enjoying an authentic experience at my local barber! The post shave lotion and shave cream are winners in my book.” Milton, Father to Cara and Jolin