8 things you need to do for your pre-holiday prep, including leaving your bush behind & what to pack in your beauty bag.

8 things you need to do for your pre-holiday prep, including leaving your bush behind & what to pack in your beauty bag.

December is high-season chillax month – where the only thing we take seriously is a good cocktail and a darn good selfie. Let’s face it: nothing is more fun than packing that cabin bag (with the nifty extra zipper for your hair straightener) and hitting the beach, bush, snow or big city lights. But, all that pre-prep jazz can be stressful too when you think about still having to fit in some of your own self-care. Shut the door right there! Sorbet has you covered for the pre-holiday groom scene. Here are 8 useful tips to help you keep up the glow.

Blow them away. There’s only one way to arrive this holiday season:  Blowouts, baby! A trip to the dry bar just before your rendezvous is an essential trick to ensuring freshly treated, luscious locks when arriving at your destination.

Splash out on the lash out. Consider investing in eyelash extensions and enjoy a smudge-free, no-mess, no-mascara holiday, with lashes that’ll fabulously flutter their way to any promenade or pina colada.

Colour me in: how about some super-sussed DIY nails to match that mindfulness colouring book? Yes, we know you have one. Sorbet’s new, on-shelf nail collection will have you glamming, slamming and jamming up any deck chair or yacht party. Pop some Sorbet Glam Effect, Long Wear or Pro Gel colour on your tips and toes for a trendy Summer vac. Psst… Our travel minis sizes are even more perfect –  pop them in your hand bag and you’re good to go.

Size Matters. Save space for shopping. Travel-size beauty products are a go-to for on-the-go glow! See Sorbet’s mini bath & body collection for the real deal.

RumpelstiltSKIN. Just because your clothes may suffer the dreaded crease monster,   your skin doesn’t have to! Actively hydrate your skin twice a week pre and during your vacation – with a litre of water by your side – and some expert exfoliation, at home or at Sorbet Salons. Ask for the Sorbet Grande Facial, a real treat and it only costs R390.

Scrub in. For your travels, choose a gentle scrub for your bathroom bag, and throw in your Sorbet hydrating mask too. Oh, and don’t forget that sunscreen! Tick.

Get into a Little Gardening – with Eveleen. Or not. But whatever you do, please don’t take your bush to the party this festive season. Treat your lady bits to some professional waxing by the Sorbet team that know best. Smooth landings and carefree beach days guaranteed! You can also purchase our at home waxing products for those desperate DIY days.

So knot into you. It’s been a long, grueling race to yearend – don’t we know it – and now, regrettably, you have your own Hunchback of Notre Dame going on back there. Be a darling, and take your back, neck and shoulders to Sorbet for a massage that’ll get you cool, calm and relaxed – and vacation ready baby.

And there you have it  – you’re Sorbet sorted! All together now, Happy Holidays!