Hair Treatments


NEW – Try our new Sorbet Drybar Hair Care Collection available in 4 ranges: Colour Protect, Smooth & Nourish, Repair & Protect and Volume & Strength.

Single10 Pack 
R195R1755Vanilla - Standard blowout with volume
R195R1755Espresso - Sleek & chic/flat iron
R195R1755Honey Comb - the bigger the better

Blowouts With Styling

Single10 Pack 
R215R1935Rum & Raisin - For short and punchy hair
R215R1935Amaretto or Mermaid Look - messy beach look
R215R1935Rocky Road - lots of curls
R220R1980Blowout with hair extentions or a wig
Lemon Twist (Upstyle)
R330Short Hair
R350Long Hair

NEW* Braid Bar

R195*Corn Rows (with own hair) Straight back until neck. Max 10 lines (excl. hair extensions)
R195*French Plait (Max 3 lines)
R80Remove Corn Rows

Tutti Frutti

Kids menu – 8 years & under

Single10 Pack 
R140R1260Tutti Frutti Blowout
R150Tutti Frutti Corn Rows With Own Hair - straight back until neck ( excl. hair extensions)
R150French Plait
R220Tutti Frutti Lemon Twist Upstyle

Extra Toppings

R250NEW* The Sorbet Drybar Smoothie - Sorbet Drybar Treatment with a wash & any blowout ( Colour Protect/Smooth & Nourish/Repair & Protect/Volume & Strength)
R290The Smoothie - customised treatment with a wash & blowout
R385The Swirl - Scalp treatment with blowout
R70The Squeeze - (add to any blowout) 10 Min scalp massage

Smoothie Treatments

Split Ender Treatment (includes a blowout)

Say goodbye to split ends. Removes damaged, brittle & broken hair in minutes. Snips the ends, not the length.

R300Split Ender - Short Hair
R350Split Ender - Medium Hair
R390Split Ender - Long Hair

Olaplex (Includes a blowout)

Olaplex seeks out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, & mechanical damage. It rebuilds the strength, structure and integrity of the hair. It’s a ‘reset’ for your hair.

R350Olaplex - Short Hair
R380Olaplex - Medium Hair
R460Olaplex - Long Hair

Hair B-Perfect (Includes a blowout)

Revives lifeless and dull hair. Leaves hair conditioned and hydrated with a glossy shine. Promotes hair growth. Lasts up to 4 weeks. No fumes.

R460Hair B-Perfect - Short Hair
R560Hair B-Perfect - Medium Hair
R660Hair B-Perfect - Long Hair


KST/Brazilian reduces volume & curl up to 90%. Eliminates frizz up to 95%. It restores & restructures damaged hair, resulting in straightened, renewed smoothness & shine. Lasts up to 3 months.

R1000KST - Short Hair
R1200KST - Medium Hair
R1400KST - Long Hair
R380Fringe Only