Got that Static feeling?

Got that Static feeling?

Ever wondered why your hair does its own thing in winter, when it stands on all ends & makes you look like a fluff ball? Yip, we’re talking about static hair. Why does it do this though?

Static electricity is created when two unlike objects rub against each other. The process causes electrons from one object to be transferred to the other. The object that loses the electrons gets a positive charge, while the object that gains electrons get a negative charge. Take hat hair for instance. When the material of your hat rubs against the strands of your hair, they swap electrons. This swap causes a kind of electric charge to build up on your hair. If there is humidity in the air, the charge can usually just go away.

However, if there isn’t any humidity or moisture in your hair, like on a dry winter morning, the charge causes your strands to repel from another like a magnet. In short, your hair is literally so full of electrons that it can’t stand itself. Now, that you know what causes static electricity let’s talk about ways that you can fight it.

What to do?

  1. Hair Oils: Give your hair some TLC by moisturizing your strands with a smoothing hair oil. This powerful oil can help deliver diamond-like shine and can be applied on dry hair throughout the day to keep fly-aways at bay. Sorbet Drybar choice: Redken Glow Dry, Sorbet Drybar Elixir Treatmentspray, MoroccanOil Treatment
  2. Hairdryer: In order to help balance your hair’s natural charge, try using an ionic hair dryer when drying your strands. Ionic dryers work by emitting negative ions to help separate water molecules. This process not only helps to dry your hair faster, but it also helps to reduce heat damage that could dry out your strands. Sorbet Drybar choice: Parlux
  3. Anti Frizz treatments: Don’t let fly-aways get the best of your hair. Fight frizz on-the-go by using anti-flyaway sheets throughout the day. Just stash a few in your purse and head out the door. Sorbet Drybar choice: Sorbet Drybar Anti Frizz Blowdry Cream.
  4. Lose the Hat: It’s time to ditch your cotton lined or acrylic hats in favor of options with silk or satin lining. By having a smoother fabric on your hair, your strands can lie flatter and won’t be roughened up by the material. Instead your hair will glide across the material, which will help to prevent frizz and dreaded hat hair. Sorbet Drybar choice: Silk scarves by Khalees  website HERE or follow them on Instagram @Khalees_Sa
  5. Hairspray Comb out: Don’t leave your house without hairspray or a metal comb this winter. They are the perfect travel companions for taming your mane during the colder months. Simply spray your metal comb with hairspray and comb from root to tip. The hairspray will help to tame any fly-aways without causing the hair to feel crunchy or hard. Also, the metal comb itself helps to remove any built up static in your hair as the static will attach to the metal rather than your strands. How cool is that? Sorbet Drybar choice: Sorbet Drybar Flexible & Shine Hairspray.

Get ready for Frizz Free Summers!

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