It’s Winter, darling! Your Feet feel it too.

It’s Winter, darling! Your Feet feel it too.

Do you ever find yourself giving Winter a big thumbs up, because it means no one has to see your feet – and you can get away with neglecting them? One less thing on the to-do list, right? Um, no. Shame! It really doesn’t work like that. Seasons change, but your feet should always rock out. Those fabulous foundations really deserve more TLC, any time of the year. They work hard, and they walk hard – especially when Audrey’s July Winter Wedding invite is suddenly…in Santorini!! Yes, it happens.

Sorbet has 4 quick steps to help whip your foot care routine into shape, during Winter, and then some.

#Fabfeet, right here people. Let’s go:

  1. Soak in Sensational

Soaking is superb for your mind, body and sole. Especially when it comes to your feet – the soak can easily feel like a pheromone overdrive of “aaah”. Your feet have 72 000 nerve endings, each one corresponding with a different part of the body, according to Livestrong. That’s why this soleful duo acts as little nerve maps to your whole body. Try an epsom salt soak for 10-15 minutes, with an after-soak cooling foot spray (from Sorbet). Mmm, great on the detox radar! Add a dash of extra nourishment to your soak with an essential oil. Lavender works like a charm for calming, and peppermint is wonderfully invigorating too (also works well for cooling a fever).

  1. Moisture Maniac

This is key to keeping the cracks at bay! For an intensively moisturising treatment, lather your feet in coconut or olive oil and then- ok it gets a little weird here- wrap them in plastic. Yes! Cling wrap or plastic bags under some socks really lock in the moisture. Try it for at least an hour, or more. For the everyday, less intense moisturising routine, get yourself a deeply nourishing foot cream Check out Sorbet’s delicious grapefruit inspired pedicare range. You can’t go wrong with ultra-moisturising intensive repair serum.

  1. Get Comfortable

Hey, we’re all about the high heel – we can’t say no to a killer pair of corks or ankle straps. But they come with their nasties. Like foot cracks, blisters and even bunions.  Save the heels for the bigger occasions girls. When you’re not rocking the town or the boardroom, ensure your feet are as comfy as often as possible. More comfort= less cracks. This is an important measure in preventative care to protect your feet and other important parts of the body like the spine and knees. In addition to good shoes, take a minute to rest your feet. Try turning them in circles under your desk, and put them up at night – and while you’re doing so try one of Sorbet’s rejuvenating new foot masks! Yes, for the feet. A double action moisture bomb, that’ll take care of those hard knock tootsies in a jiffy.

  1. Treat those Toes.

Sometimes, when the blizzard bites and the bones get a little too tired to lean down some love on those toes, just leave it to the professionals. Consider it a date with your feet, when you call in to book yourself a detoxing foot massage and/or fancy pants manicure (with glitter, just coz). By the way, for the month of June Sorbet Salons are running a very necessary 20% off special on any Sorbet Mani and Pedi booked together. Soak, paint and mini massage – all part of the deal, darling.  

In the Long Run….

Caring for your feet won’t only make you feel grounded and healthier – and look absolutely gorgeous in the unexpected drone shot (at Audrey’s wedding!) – it will also really pay off through every change of season. We promise.

Make way for Happy Feet!