Nail Trends for Nail Lovers!

Nail Trends for Nail Lovers!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter, cooler, lighter or shadier (and we’re not talking about the weather, honey), the 2017 nail trends prove that we haven’t even reached the “tip” of how far (and beautiful) nails and nail art can go. Inspired by dedicated, downright-serious IG feeds to seasonal fingertip forecasts straight off the runway, Sorbet rounds up the go-to-trends for 2017 so that, whether you’re staycationing or taking flight from a runway this holiday season, you’re set to nailing it – all year round.


This year’s major trend is nothing short of blingtastic. Modern metallic can be effortlessly nailed with rose-gold, or any of your favourite golds, bronzes and pewters, worn over a neutral lacquer. Then there’s always the option of going Kardashian-style (and perhaps a little OTT for the office?) by pulling off a super-deluxe precious metal manicure with a textured 14-karat tip. Are you a taker or a hater, sister?


Possibly our favourite trend at the minute: high-shine black polish. Hot! Whether worn as one stunning, bold stripe, painted down the middle of the nail (as spotted at Vera Wang), curved around the cuticle, or painted at the tips in lieu of the classic white on a Frenchie, it’s an iconic look that can never go wrong. Paint it over bare nails, or, if you’re in the mood to spunk it up, add equally bold, thick stripes of poppin’ colour.


Speaking of colour, blocking it is another nail trend suited to warmer climates and sizzling times. Wear it as you want: dots, stripes, and geometric patterns in bright, contrasting hues. Keep it clashy and pull out your primaries — as well as other bright shades, like lime green and bright yellow — to create bold, playful statement nails that are unmissable.


The world’s go-to mani is playfully reimagined 2017-style, with techniques including multi-coloured tips, diagonally-painted blue edges, coloured in with black and white, or thin red “ribbon” lines. Be sure to coat the base of your nail with a sheer neutral and to keep the length short and rounded. Merci!


Cream, cashmere, pearlescent neutrals and almond painted on oval-shaped nails – creating long-looking, softer and ultra-feminine fingers – is another way to nail 2017. Natural, Earth tones are worn classically alone, or used as the perfect base for simple, elegant nail art in the form of pale stripes and white swipes.


Taking cuticle care to a whole new level, this is a trend that created a frenzy when spotted backstage at Rodarte! “Nail jewelry” now comes in the form of golden outer edges sparkling with glitter. If bling is not quite your thing, try a subtle grey outline or mismatched sorbet hues, and again, keeping an all-neutral nail base is all-important.

And there you have it! So, whether and wherever you are travelling, you can be sure to be “trending” too with nails that are runway-worthy (in more ways than one) and oh-so fun. Just ask your Sorbet nail technician at any Sorbet nail salon in South Africa, for Sorbet’s collection of in store nail products. Or hop onto instagram to follow Sorbet’s new HOT couture nail look book. It’s pretty awesome, we have to say!