Oh Mama! What she did and where it got you…

Oh Mama! What she did and where it got you…

Oh Mama! What she said, and where that got you…-

She said it and you did it. Or you didn’t do it. Either way, your mom’s advice will always be one for the books. This May, Sorbet celebrates South African Moms – and the beauty of their Momisms – because she said so.

Remember these:

“Eat your vegetables!”

“If you stick your tongue out the window while I’m driving your face is going to freeze like that.”

“if you swallow your chewing gum you will grow a chewing gum tree in your tummy.”

“Because I said so. That’s why.”

Ah, moms… where would we be without them? Take a whole lot of pick-me-ups , add unconditional love, constant support, wise advice and a hearty dose of always-there-for-you ‘Momliness’ and, voila, we are the individuals she has moulded us to be. Whether your relationship with your mom is gentle, heated, distant, testy or (lucky you) she’s your bestie, the advice we get from our moms has an undeniable impact on who we are and how we live lives.

Let’s face it, some motherly advice can incur a mild to fiery nagging irritation but more often than not has a positive effect on us in the long run. Some more than others. Enter Tina Knowles – Mother to Queen B, aka Beyoncé Knowles. If Mrs Knowles hadn’t wanted her baby girl to snap out of her shyness, badgering her to attend acting classes, who knew if we’d ever really learn how to put a ring on it. And one only needs to look at the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan to know that, from Kim to Kendall to the meteoric rise of Kylie, the indomitable Chris Jenner is the Madre behind it all: building a veritable empire and ensuring each and every one of her babies (and grandbabies) are not only splashed on every major mag, site and show in the world but have fingers in all sorts of pies – just not the carbo-loading kind.

Suffice to say, many celebs have made no bones about revering their Moms on the red carpet and quoting their pearls of wisdom for the world to hear:

Kate Hudson: My mother always said, “Honour your female friendships, because men can come and go, but when we nurture our relationships with women, they can be forever.’

Jennifer Garner: “Happiness is your own responsibility”

Katie Holmes: “You may be pretty, and you may be talented, but nobody will remember that if you’re mean.”

Emma Watson: “She instilled in me the knowledge that what I was thinking, what I was doing and what I was saying were infinitely more important than my physical appearance. Even when the world was really telling me the contrary.”

Back on home ground, our Sorbet sisters are just as gaga about their mom and the advice they bring to the mani table. Jade Kirkel, Marketing Manager of Sorbet Group says: the one thing I can always hear ringing in my head is my mom telling me ‘you can’t put a brown paper packet over your face and so I must stay out of the sun completely’ But it was her her tips about kindness that aided my ability to look at the world with compassion. She always said: treat the world with love first, and success will come later,” says Kirkel.

Courtney Fuhr, sister to Jade Kirkel and Brand Manager to the Sorbet group, adds: “My mom had many notable momisms while we were growing up, one of which I recall ‘what is meant you for cannot go past you’

From the red carpet to the mani station, to bedrooms, bathrooms and car trips to school, it’s the unique relationships we have come to share with our own moms that make us realise and appreciate how motherhood – and motherly wisdom – is so very special, precious and priceless. Apart from beauty, an extremely high EQ and the power to multitask (to name just a few things that separate us as the fairest sex), it’s perhaps the miraculous ability to carry – and birth – life that makes being a woman akin to being superwoman.

To all our mothers out there, we Sorbet salute you!

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