Stop! Your Face needs Me

Stop! Your Face needs Me

Taking your make-up off can be such a pain in the face. All that rubbing, scrubbing & eyeliner skidding can be a tiresome task when your day is done. Not with Micellar! Sorbet Salon Skin Micellar Cleansing Water has got you effectively “uncovered” with its easy-off, purifying micelle molecules that work tirelessly to hydrate your skin while lifting any oil, dirt & make-up impurities – leaving your face fresh, clean & moisturised. So you can skip the usual step or two & head straight for la-la land. Like it never happened.

It’s considered by many beauty experts to be a multi-tasking wonder for your skin and now is your chance to get to know how this ‘miracle’ water will work for you! So the question everyone wants to know is: Should you swop your cleanser for micellar water?

Sorbet skincare professionals know that nothing renews skin like the delicate fusion between nature and science. They recommend Sorbet salon skin to help restore the specific needs of your skin. Sorbet salon skin combines essential oils (lavender & rosemary), advanced actives and highly concentrated vitamins (A, C & E) in a cleansing water consisting of micelle particles to draw make-up, sebum and impurities from the skin, leaving a deeply cleansed and purified face. Dermatologically approved. Kind to even sensitive skins.

It’s been touted as a no-rinse replacement for cleanser, make-up remover and moisturiser. Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. Micellar water does a great job of whisking away make-up, oil and dirt from your skin with the simple sweep of a cotton-wool pad. It’s one simple product that removes all your make-up and cleanses your skin without leaving your face feeling dry or irritated. While micellar (pronounced me-sell-air) water is currently big beauty news, it has actually been around for over a century. A French invention, it was developed to help well-groomed Parisians combat the drying effects of their harsh water supply.

How it works its magic

Formulas have improved dramatically over the years but the way it works its magic is much the same. Think about it this way: oil, and, say, vinegar don’t like to blend and will always end up separating. Oils, however, will happily mingle with, and absorb, other oils.

Micellar water is made up of ‘micelles’ – nano-sized oil particles suspended in soft water – that tend to absorb other oils. That’s why it lifts the layer of dirt-infused oil from your face with a few quick swipes of a clean cotton-wool pad. Unlike a traditional make-up removing wipe, it doesn’t smear your make-up all over your face.)
And unlike toner, the solution doesn’t contain alcohol and never stings, which means you can use it comfortably around the sensitive eye area.

Top tips for using micellar water

1. You may need to make use of an eye make-up remover after cleansing with micellar water as some mascara formulas aren’t easily removed.
2. Don’t waste product by soaking your cotton pad in the water – a few drops will do the trick.
3. You don’t need to follow with a soapy cleanser after using micellar water.

By the Clicks Beauty Team

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