Pink Pink Nudge Nudge!

Pink Pink Nudge Nudge!

This October, we’re facing our fears, checking our chests & pinking our nails – all in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.
Book your nail treatments & pink your best with any shade of pink at your nearest Sorbet Drybar, this October. Snap a Nailfie at our Pink Posts Stand & tag us using #SorbetPaintPink along with your dedication with any of the following hashtags (including @sorbetgroup):

For every Paint Pink nail treatment done in-store, you will receive a 20% off Wonderbra online voucher & pack of yummy Amajoya Sweets, free!

Painting Pink was never this fun.

Paint it for you. Paint it for us. Paint it for the ones that show their brave against Breast Cancer.

Knowledge is Power! Empower yourself by conducting monthly
Self-Breast Exams. Feel for any change in breast tissue that could feel like a thickening, or a hard lump. Follow these simple steps to know how to do it and what to look for.

  1. Do this lying down, in the shower or bath when your hands are wet & soapy. With your right hand behind your head, use the pads of the 3 middle fingers on your left hand to examine your right breast. Here’s how…
  2. Using the light pressure in a circular motion on your breast, follow an up & down pattern ( diagrams A & B below)
  1. Now feel for any changes above and below your collarbone and in the area of your armpit.
  2. Now repeat these steps on your left breast.

If in doubt, seek medical help & insist on at least an ultrasound or mammogram. Regular screening after the age of 40 is recommended.

The above information was provided by the Breast Health Foundation & Bosom Buddies, you can contact them on 0860 283 343 @BreastBHF @BosombuddiesSA or visit their website on

Happy Pinking!!!

Sorbet proudly supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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