There’s a few New Faces around here.

There’s a few New Faces around here.

We’re doing some serious freshening up this winter! We’re excited to be launching 7 new masks & pumping up our 14 existing masks. These babies have turned out so fine you’re going to want to take them places- forget masking in the bathroom! They’re not just pretty, effective and innovative- they’re conscious too, many being designed for multiple use.  EEK! So here they are, meet the newbies:

  • Sorbet Charcoal peel off mask
  • Sorbet Man Charcoal peel off mask
  • Sorbet Diamond peel off mask
  • Sorbet Mineral Hydrogel mask
  • Sorbet Charcoal sheet mask
  • Sorbet Foot peel mask intensive treatment
  • Sorbet Man Foot peel mask intensive treatment

We’ve integrated the natural cleansing powers of activated charcoal, which has highly effective detoxing properties and offers a blackhead-eliminating deep cleanse like no other. Our charcoal masks have been innovated to accommodate men and women because everyone needs activated charcoal in their life.

Sorbet’s new range of masks includes peel off, sheet masks and foot masks (you’re welcome). Our sparkly new fave is the Diamond peel off, formulated with platinum and diamond powder (and lots of love too) that illuminates skin so you’ll shine bright like the diamond you are! Not to mention the luxurious softening qualities of fruit and flower extracts that this mask packs inside too.

We’ve also taken care to provide ageing solutions with the new Mineral Hydrogel mask packed with nourishing serums and Argan oil properties. Sorbet’s new mask packaging includes resealable caps for ease and cleanliness.

We especially loves masks because we understand our Sorbies’ busy lifestyles and want to accommodate multitasking. You can pamper and care for your skin while taking care of things at home, catching up on work and binge watching series. So we’re inviting our Sorbies  to get involved with our exciting multi-masking campaign and tag @sorbetgroup on instagram and Facebook with pics of what you get up to while your mask works its magic, for a chance to win awesome masking hampers.

Tried, tested, posted and loved – all Sorbet masks are refreshed, updated and ready for the party too. Even the old classics. Don’t forget:

  • Classic Foot Mask
  • Hand mask
  • Eye mask
  • Firming anti-aging & tightening
  • Hydrating, clarifying & moisturising
  • Cleansing blemish

These Sorbabes are inspired, they’re fun, they’re all about that beautiful life and they’re making their way onto your everyday to-do list.

Mask on, mask off!