Think Pink This October, With Celebrity guest Helen Desbois

Think Pink This October, With Celebrity guest Helen Desbois

The month of October has everyone thinking pink, as companies and individuals alike, do their bit to raise awareness around breast cancer and the importance of getting screened regularly.  It does work you know…  I talk from personal experience.

Rewind to October 2017… I was going about my daily life surrounded by suggestions of pink…ribbons, events, polo, you name it, it was out there.

A sign some may say.

It was towards the end of October when I realized that it was probably time for me to have another mammogram, thinking that two years had gone by since my last one.  I called up the Parktown North Mammography Centre and made my appointment quite casually, even planning to do some social media posts on the day to inspire others to do the same.

The date of my checkup was upon me and I arrived after my radio show, chatting to Sandra the receptionist and creating my social media content as I went. Turns out it had been three years since I was last there! Little did I know, this would not be a routine checkup after all.

The mammogram showed an unusual mass in my left breast and the ultrasound confirmed that there was in fact something there.  A biopsy would be needed to make sure that the ‘mass’ was not life threatening.  What was meant to be a routine appointment that would normally take 30 minutes and not mean very much at all, stopped me in my tracks. Numerous thoughts went through my mind, one being if I have Breast Cancer.

After shedding a few tears in the practice and being consoled and told by Doctor Sneider that about 80% of breast lumps turn out to be benign, I made my follow up appointment to have a biopsy and went and sat in my car.

After speaking to a few family members and friends (my husband was on a plane and I only got to tell him the next day) and them assuring me that ‘we just need to take it a day at a time’, I carried on with my life as much as possible until the dreaded biopsy appointment the following Tuesday. It was the longest three days of my life, wondering what the outcome would be.

The day finally arrived and I had the procedure, which, honestly, is not as scary as I thought. The area is numbed with local anesthetic and the mass is aspirated with a long thin needle where they retrieve cells.  I had to wait another 2/3 painstakingly slow days to get the results. Even knowing 80% of cases were nothing to worry about, I imagined myself losing my hair and possibly my life.

I am very grateful to say that that lump was benign.

I am due for my next checkup in October and I am a little nervous to be honest.

All I can say is thank goodness for all those people out there who spread awareness for this terrible disease and inspire people, like me, to go and get a mammogram.

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