This is the Story that brings Humility back to Business

This is the Story that brings Humility back to Business

In his transparent approach to everything business, Fuhr invites readers along a heartfelt  journey of business advice and best-practice human principles to assist business owners, line managers, team leaders and consumers to step into a new currency of business exchange.

With over 200 stores across the country and five stores  in the UK, the Sorbet Group comprises of Sorbet Salons, Sorbet Man, Sorbet Dry Bar and Candi & Co. True to its Soul ethos, the company has founded the SEW (Sorbet Empowering Women) Foundation, which funds skills training and development for aspiring beauty therapists through their BTI Academy. This fund was created to help less-privileged individuals to achieve their dreams of success.

Following the success of his first book, Get that feeling, Ian Fuhr, the founder of SA’s favourite beauty salon, Sorbet, is launching The Soul of Sorbet. Inspired by the brand’s remarkable growth since 2005, the book gets to the sparkle of what makes Sorbet a leader in the South African beauty sector.

Fuhr’s latest book centres around his people-focused philosophy on how to build a vibrant brand in a highly competitive market; it serves as a unique guide for business leaders and stakeholders on how to harness a lasting enterprise that always puts people first.

‘If you focus on your people and create a working environment in which they feel nurtured, cared for, content and inspired, they will motivate themselves to serve their customers to the best of their ability,’ says Fuhr.

According to Fuhr, the ‘magical pixie dust’ that sets his business model apart is the positive attitudes of people when they deliver extraordinary guest service. This is the vital clue to the success of the company; its commitment to goodness, human connection, solid humility and touching people’s lives – starting with steps as small as listening, caring and remaining professionally consistent in their service.

Johanna Stamps Egbe, Head of Culture, teamed up with Fuhr in 2016 to benchmark the “Soul of Sorbet” as a deep-seated culture in the Sorbet Group. Stamps Egbe and Fuhr motivate that every business holds a unique essence that can apply the ‘soul’ principles, for the greater good of its people, and the community at large.

The book will be available for purchase at all leading book retailers in South Africa and online retailers as well as through Sorbet stores.