Your unused nail polish bottles have a new home!

Your unused nail polish bottles have a new home!

The nail bottle saga is a subliminal one that affects most, if not all, of us gals – and our bathroom cupboards. How often do we eye out a shade we love? We buy it, sport it as the perfect match to a special outfit or occasion; we paint it on our hands or toes a few more times and, before long – and almost always before we get to the bottom of the bottle – we abandon it for a more on-trend, in-season or more-loved shade. And so begins our ongoing collection of crusty-round-the-top and terribly unloved, half-empty nail polishes at the back – way back – black depths of the bathroom cupboard.

You’re nodding because you know. This Winter, Sorbet has arrived with some #good news to support your “colours in the attic” habit: a win-win solution for you that’ll leave you clutter free and feeling fabulous. The Sorbet SEW Academy (Sorbet Empowering Women) has sounded a call for all old, wasted-away, unused, nail polish bottles to be donated to its SEW fund in support of their nail-technician training programme.

“Old nail bottles have life in them yet,” says Jade Kirkel, Marketing Manager of Sorbet Group, “we are on a drive to reinstate old bottles as training material tools in our SEW Academy, to best sustain our nail techs along their dream journeys of becoming qualified beauty therapists,” ends Kirkel.

In its 3rd  year running, the aim of the SEW Trust is to improve the earning potential and circumstances of previously disadvantaged women in South Africa, by providing training which enables them to find employment within the beauty industry.

“The underlying philosophy of the Sorbet Group is to make a difference in people’s lives. SEW gives us an opportunity to do something for the community. There are so many people struggling in life and this gives them a chance to fulfill their potential – there is no greater gift in life than giving someone that opportunity,” says Ian Fuhr, CEO of Sorbet Group.

And now, there can be no better excuse to rid your bad bathroom habits this Season, than paying your old polish bottles forward to the ones that need it most. Just pop into your nearest Sorbet store and drop off your bottles with the front desk cashier.